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Beauty Etiquette was founded by Vicki Clarke in 2008 after years of working in holistics, health and beauty. Her qualifications in Community Education, teaching and beauty have been brought together and developed into comprehensive course packages that are accredited and approved for recognised certification.  Beauty Etiquette is now run nationally and all tutors are personally chosen by the founder and each have no less than 15 years industry experience. Vicki Clarke has also gone on to develop a high end cosmetic range and student starter kits, for her students only.  You will not find these products on the high street but only in top end salons, spas and hotels, unless ofcourse you are certified with Beauty Etiquette Training School which will give you unique access to a Vicki Clarke trade account.
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All courses begin with an introduction to your course subject.  We teach you Health & Safety of the treatment(s), client consultation, contra-indications, contra-actions and demonstrate the treatment(s) procedure.
All students are then asked to undertake a role play consultation in partners and are then guided through the application and practical aspects of the treatment being taught. Tutors remain with you at all times to guide, assist and assess your learning.  A lot of what we assess is done on the day, but for some of the more indepth treatments at level 2/3 may require case studies and practice outside of class before assessment is finalised.
Classroom Numbers are kept to a minimum to ensure you are thoroughly supported and taught to the highest standard.  This also makes our classroom very relaxed, where students can concentrate on their studies, have fun doing them and meet new like minded people.
You will walk out of your training sessions feeling confident, competent and excited to perform your treatments on the general public. 
You will also be provided with comprehensive, approved industry notes and a free link to our filming of your course treatment.
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