Make Up Course

At Beauty Etqiuette we run make up courses designed to get you on your way to being an excellent make up technician.
Our day course qualification covers all aspects of make up including;
  • Facial Priming
  • Contouring
  • Make up applications
  • Concealing and correcting
  • Eye makeup
  • Cheeks
  • Lips
  • Brows
  • Make up and the camera
  • Global colour tones
  • Colour chart
  • Client consultation
  • Make up trials and much more.
Our one day course is priced at                                                                   £199.00
As this is a day course please keep in mind we can only go so far as to give you the facts and procedures of make up that you would need to continue your practice on outside of class.
For those wishing to do make up as a stand alone career you would need to consider our complete make up artists course. This course is a 1 year long part time corse and it covers make up at great length including, photographic, fashion, media, speacial effects, global, bridal and so much more.

10 Week Freelance MUA  (one Ev per week)
Everything you need to lauch your career as a freelance make up artist and build your professional portfolio. Course includes but is not limited to; skin care, all product make up application, many different eye looks, overall looks, fashion make up, event make up, working with the camera and stage. Air brush application, lashes, brow shaping, camouflage, tatoo cover up, many full looks, consultation, designer lookbooks and much more.                                                                                                                                                                £1499.00

         With our full advanced professional kit the course price is                                                                                                                                                                        £2399.00

Click here for Full kit Contents
2016 Students Work
'Take a sneak Look at the 2016 Students Portfolios.'
The students had a fantistic year getting involved with all things 'make up.'  They worked especially hard this year, getting involved in high profile events to show case their talents.  Why not get involved in our 2017 media make up course and create an amazing portfolio of your own with our support. 
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Make Up Master Classes

Beauty Etqiuette Training School also run national make up master classes.
Our make up classes are designed to get those already working with make up qualified.
Master class London                  21st November                                         £99
Master Class York                       29th November                                        £99
Click here to view VICKI CLARKE Make up range