Massage / Body Oil Products (100ml)

Pomegranate Cellulite Body OIl

Pomegrante Cellulite body oil is packed full of vitamins and pomegranate fatty acids that will leave the skin feeling firm and re-hydrated. A perfect addition to any inch loss body wrap treatment to put extra work into the stubborn cellulite areas or to retail as a daily body oil for your clients.


Hot Cinnamon Massage oil

This pre-blended Cinnamon massage oil is ideal for winter warming massages. The benefit of the cinnamon also works well with; circulation, pain relief, aching muscles, menstruation and respiratory health.


Uplifting Citrus Massage Oil

VICKI CLARKE Uplifting Citrus massage oil benefits the immune system and works as a natural anti depressant and diruetic. This citrus oil has great stimulating and uplifting properties.
*Note not to be used in the sun within 24hours


Lighten Up Lemongrass Massage Oil

VICKI CLARKE LIGHTEN UP Lemongrass massage oil is a great uplifting mood massage oil and works well with digestive issues, hair problems, headaches and inflammation.
*Note not to be used during preganancy


Lavender Massage OIl

VICKI CLARKE Lavender massage oil is so pure and gentle on the skin. It greatly benefits those with stress and insomnia issues. This oil is a natural antifungal and is extremely calming helping to melt away nervous tension.